Winning Path: June 2013

Friday, 28 June 2013

The 3 A's Of Awesome

A few months ago I had the opportunity to listen to Neil Pasricha on Ted Talks, as he spoke on 3 factors that can help you lift yourself to a higher level in the way you live your life.

Not the most eloquent of speakers, and yet very captivating in the way he expresses his thoughts woven together with his personal experiences and his humour.

I've been meaning to share it with you, and here it is. 
Listen, Enjoy & Reflect.

Saturday, 22 June 2013


This evening, a little past 8 pm, I had the privilege of watching the full moon rise over the East River in Manhattan. It was larger than usual and was low on the horizon. Rather swiftly it climbed higher into the sky, seeming to grow bigger and brighter as it rose.

Today's full moon is the largest full moon of the year, and is called the Super Moon. It is a phenomenon that we see when the moon is closest to the earth, and it happens once every year. Wherever you live on this earth, you will be able to see it today, Saturday--22 June and tomorrow, Sunday--23 June.

The moon has an effect on our feelings, our emotions, and our desires. The moon-frequencies can activate our thought-frequencies which lie dormant in the sub-conscious mind, and shine a light on them by bringing them up to the forefront and into our conscious mind. These frequencies are more active during the increased illuminated  phase of the moon.

Spend this time in meditation. Awaken your spiritual thoughts. Allow yourself to heal as you connect with your deep inner self. Release feelings, emotions and memories that do not support you. Let the inspiration that flows from the Divine Source cleanse and nourish you.   

Friday, 21 June 2013

Wisdom In Forgiving

It is wise to forgive. 
It may not be easy to forgive.

Forgiveness is essential to free yourself from all kinds of resentments, hurts and anger that you carry within.

Louise Hay said of forgiveness:

"I am free. The road to freedom is through the doorway of forgiveness."

Be wise and forgive.

Go here for an exercise technique to help you with your efforts in practising forgiveness.